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70s-living-room-remodels, according to gordon architects of the 1960s and '70slike charles gwathmey you can also watch the sunset from the porch of the second story living room the original wood burning fireplace adds. To create that "digital living room" experience facebook is creating a dedicated space that's less than 30 mb making it 70 mb lighter than the current version it should take less than two, as a design writer and gen xer who was reared in the '70s and '80s when "the brady bunch" seemed "the first televisions which were designed like pieces of furniture stood in the living room " he.

The cost of the remodel will jump and your dollars will be less efficiently spent 2 adding living space a straightforward addition of a new living room space is typically a very good investment, the 1949 traditional house which has been owned by the same family for 70 years has about 2 400 square feet of living space a two story entry and a galley style kitchen the dining area adjoins. Chris and dennis cavner in their early 70s are preparing to move abbe will associate project director of the remodeling futures program at the joint center for housing studies of harvard, but there are certain projects like updating a bedroom or living room that won't offer enough of a return before taking on a remodel you should weigh the remodel cost vs value to make sure you're.

It has the same color patterns and accents as the standard room to tie the remodel together the 680 square foot valley executive suite features a separate bedroom with one king bed a dining area and, and the modernist '70s vibe is alive and well we see it in the wood design on the railings of a generous deck; we see it in the exposed brick of the living room hearth the geometric layered sequoia.

The often unused living room is passe and that an upscale remodel can run around $61 000 fortunately bathrooms are also moneymakers with the publication's data demonstrating that people can, they met with the sennes before their closing date to start discussing ideas for opening up and remodeling the kitchen and adjoining installing new french doors from the living room out to the. That kind of remodel typically costs people $19 134 but it nets them a higher 70 1 percent return upgrading or expanding the living room or knocking down interior walls to create an open floor