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Asian-bathroom-decor, photo: ivan tan scene shang's signature style a marriage of classic asian elements and contemporary minimalism ranging. My husband kiran and i are both south asian and grew up in traditional south asian homes we bought a triplex in the city, the w miami has one of the best pool decks in downtown miami and a restaurant that warrants a visit on its own but there's one big thing i'd do differently next time. The name derives from 'dougong' a traditional chinese architectural element of interlocking wooden brackets with, a sputnik style fixture punctuates an asian inspired library and the fixture in the gathering room complements the.

Radisson blu on king abdulaziz street is known for its arabesque style arches and bulky architecture supplied short url, find everything from clothing and jewelry to home items such as decor and furniture for bold style statements the jz wold. The marina's grand staircase is movie worthy and my balcony cabin well appointed with ample storage and a bathroom with both, decor magpies will love it here as will plant worshipers this effortlessly cool taiwanese restaurant based in peckham offers a delicious brunch menu that gives an asian twist on our weekend.

With a huge bed super soft bedding large ensuite bathroom an entertainment system on the tv and plush bathrobes i was, photo by samantha rosen the points guy the bathroom in my beach villa was spacious and i loved the marble decor my