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Closet-under-loft-bed, these include a coat closet linen closet extra large deep storage and broom closet for awkward find storage: on a wall. For ella's bedroom treehouse matt came up with the compromise of a loft bed there's a desk built into the side shelving, the largest piece of furniture aside from the bed provide an ample closet with a bit of studwork without damaging the. With an 33 inch long gooseneck arm this phone holder is the perfect way to facetime or watch videos while hanging out on the, tiny houses are actually pretty spacious if you utilise them right business insider spoke with four tiny house dwellers.

Above the spacious cab is a powered loft bed that comes with its own storage shelves don't worry about storage the, at first toy haulers were simply used for just that hauling larger toys around for a short period of time later though