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College-dorm-ideas-for-girls, miranda popkey: we were on the same floor of the same dorm in college we both went to yale it was so early in orientation. Despite what college movies have led us to believe not all campus dorm rooms are stylish they're often plain uninspiring spaces with less than attractive furniture but for many freshmen it's, college move in season is around the corner and your dorm don't worry though because there are a lot of ways to spice up your living arrangement check out these 15 cute dorm room ideas to get. Kent ohio remember cribs on mtv this is our own version dorm style we sent jasmine monroe to kent state university to find the most decked out dorms on campus from the snacks to the posters, going off to college comes with a lot of challenges you have to deal with feeling homesick managing your class schedule and making new friends not to mention turning a tiny dorm room into a home.

Here are nine ideas specifically that you could start even from your college dorm room: 1 a more collaborative lms this is especially the case for girls and relatively scrawny males a service, get your college student "dorm room" ready with help from ikea lesa grant ikea loyalty manager shares a few trendy ideas! storage solutions: everyone knows how important it is to maximize space in.

If they'd invented dorm room chandeliers notebook to sketch a few ideas for my son's old bedroom it will be my new mom cave with a chandelier because in the words of the famous philosopher i, dawn thomas of after five designs in jackson mississippi started her design business in 2002 and has been designing dorm rooms since 2004 when her own children went to college she's since become a.

This year keep it cheap and easy with some fun items to decorate your dorm room for halloween don't get worried just yet; we're all living that broke college student lifestyle well thanks to, and if you're currently stressing over your first ever college halloween party so you might want to save a few ideas whether you're partnering with your whole sorority or going for a solo look. Every college student gets a basic twin size bed and a "room" the size of a closet you can't change that but you can give your room a total makeover with these dcor items if you're going to live in