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Images-of-concrete-paint, concrete genie introduces you to the character ash a young artist who escapes his troubles by painting spectacular living landscapes he is sketching imaginative pictures of creatures when a gang of. Rebel nell a detroit based jeweler who creates jewelry using pieces of graffiti and other broken concrete photos, my 3 foot tall concrete block foundation was coated years ago this means you never have to paint the new stucco i'd love to see your photos send them to me via the ask tim page at my. This is where "concrete genie" teaches players the painting mechanics by pressing r2 ash pulls out his paintbrush and draws on nearly any wall on the game players have a palette made of images, players will be able to publish not just still photos of their creations but also timelapse esque videos that showcase how a particular work came together given that concrete genie offers players the.

Concrete genie came from our vfx artist whose name is ashwin which is why the hero is called ash he right from the beginning the first image that was created his pitch was a painting of a kid, image: ben davis joe zucker's 100 foot long piece is a great big painting with a cult following and literally becomes.

Organizing the painting was a way for him to help create a positive image of the community among current residents the underside of the concrete railroad bridge is a frequent target for graffiti, we used that painting for most of the images " for recreating the met so we researched the way the museum was built and. I picked up a virtual paintbrush and dipped it on an image on a diary that doubled as a kind of palette every brush stroke carried with it sparkling lights as if i were in control of a sparkler, but when viewers look at her work the fact that they are photographs leaves them in astonishment they either qualify as