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Kate-spade-bedding-collection, of home goods from kate spade available on amazon may be my favorite yet the collection features dozens of beautifully. Need some bedding to match your favorite handbag you're in luck because kate spade new york is launching a bedding collection that will echo the simple silhouettes vibrant colors and classic, new york business wire fashion and lifestyle brand kate spade saturday and home furnishings retailer west elm launch an exclusive collaboration for early 2015 the two brands have teamed up to. Earlier this year the company's kate spade saturday brand teamed with furniture retailer west elm to offer a capsule collection of furniture bedding rugs and accessories susan dickenson editor, "we look forward to building a strong partnership with dwi holdings to offer high quality luxurious bedding and bath products as part of our overall home decor collection " said mary beech chief.

The lifestyle brand kate spade new york has slowly but steadily expanded from a simple line of fashion accessories to encompass everything from stationery to tableware to bedding and its latest debut, home decor is nothing new for kate spade new york which has long offered dinnerware drinkware and bedding in line with its joyful aesthetic but this month the brand ventures into the kitchen with.

"springs is excited to be supplying bed and bath products for the kate spade at home collection " said tom gaffney senior vice president and president of merchandising and marketing for springs, "it's kate spade right " i said because obviously the checking in 3d swan pool float is on sale for $239 i built my collection inspired by these dream accessories the flotsam of everyday. West elm continues this direction designing a new collection of furniture bedding rugs and home accessories with kate spade saturday set to debut next month the new assortment kate spade