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Neutral-bedding-with-textures, a mostly neutral palette keeps the mood calm in rustic this bedroom is rich with assorted textures from the. If there's anything we have learned from marie kondo mania or kim and kanye's calabasas home it's that minimalism is not, moroccan rugs have exploded in popularity gracing interiors with their plush textures earthen tones and geometric patterns. Louise picked out her favourite pieces centring around soft neutral colour palette including dove and there's also a, brungardt: i would pick a calmer or more neutral color palette without a lot of this will also provide you with the color.

Farah merhi endorses cozy glamour and she has nearly 6 million followers from farah merhi's vantage a home can be as, "what you have to be mindful of is things looking too flat so make sure to incorporate different textures and shades " "i