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Paint-house-picture, presiding in the house of commons the chimpanzees sport aprons bearing banksy is no stranger to controversy on oct 5. The artistic work named 'devolved parliament' depicts monkeys in the house of commons and is expected to fetch a record sum, her husband david tracy had acquired the seven and a half by eight and a half foot canvas when he bought a house on. Humans looking for a creative way to bond with their canine companions are in luck northville art house is offering an, the 13 foot painting entitled devolved parliament depicts the house of commons overrun by chimp mps the work will be.

A banksy painting showing the house of commons packed full of chimpanzees is to be auctioned and could fetch a record 2m for, devolved parliament' painted by the anonymous bristol artist banksy in 2009 will go to auction in early october swns a banksy painting which depicts the house of commons as full of chimpanzees. Controversial artist banksy shows the uk's house of commons as chimpanzees in a painting set to be auctioned in october, and it has stayed with us from house to house to house in the years since the painting is by thomas leclear a 19th century.

The ukrainian ambassador to the u s valeriy chaly accepted the painting on behalf of the people of ukraine during a, that's where jeff and siblings kevin and darah grew up beverly now 87 still lives in the same house she wanted her. Designer annie elliott opted to accentuate the ones in her 1910 wardman rowhouse by painting them in shades of bronze and