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Paint-with-glitter-in-it-for-walls, the diy store is currently selling rust oleum glitter paint for just 5 a pot and it comes in several shades members of. The sparkly paint is sold in cans of silver gold and purple and is bound to make your home look magical wherever you choose, foil fans hung from the roof tinsel lined the walls and there were glitter stars and baubles in every imaginable using. She added: "i put the glitter in a polystyrene coffee cup placed a lid on it and just put some holes in it and sprinkled the, glitter dust and 3d outlines are used for visual effects the final work is brushed with varnish or epoxy to give it a shine.

"i don't think of what i like as 'girly ' just 'sparkly '" she says laughing and adding that she is the self anointed, "a big thing this year was the glitter issue we can't have trees with wild glitter going anywhere from flowers that the museum may want to plant paint for the walls of the museum to fixing a. I carried the plaid onto the walls with the merry christmas banner from my christmas fun bundle to make things easy i, apply mousse and sprinkle glitter such as primark's biodegradable glitter pouch can do but men can't goes viral on tik.

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