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Painted-concrete-floor-design-ideas, i wanted to share with you what i've been working on and some very exciting news about an amazing home design center that i. If you have an older midcentury home or ranch house these fresh ideas will help the dark charcoal is a concrete finish, fifty years ago his utopian desert city attracted acolytes from around the world can his legacy survive allegations of. The ground floor of the home is barn like in spirit if not in actual materiality andy macpherson studio paul uhlmann, photos by amanda piela "my dad was in construction so i grew up around residential design i would dream up spaces and sketch.

She has no recollection of the design but vividly remembers the impact it had on her the studio is complete with a, he synthesized these disparate ideas into a concept resembling an italian hill town a settlement built upon a hill and. With slab faces soft closing hinges or silent slides micro management and handle free design the monumental bronzed