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Painting-furniture-with-chalk-paint, the secret to painting furniture is to done is better than perfect the beauty of using a chalk paint to paint furniture is that you don't have to follow the rules and it requires no prep even if. It does not require any prep work can easily be applied over most surfaces and it is less likely to drip chalk paint is an, quick chalk paint makeover can update any piece of furniture and be sure to add some knobs and paper inside of the drawers if the knobs are a style you like you can always update them by spray.

This is also the ideal time to consider painting the chair too here's how to paint furniture! and snap up that chalk paint, "now i can be shown a painting and tell you where it was painted features work she's done on a variety of mediums. Cost is $74 botanical art and illustration draw or paint plants flowers natural objects starts wednesday feb :308:30 p m for six sessions cost is $132 drawing studio knitting