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Painting-walls-with-chair-rail, chair rail as an accent to a uniform wall color one design option when painting a room with a chair rail is to paint the upper and lower portions of the wall the same color and paint or stain the. If you paint the chair rail the colour of the trim you will get a horizontal band 30 inches or so above the floor putting a darker colour below and lighter one above will make the wall appear taller, or you could install a protective chair rail strip also consider hanging picture frames from two hooks instead of just one so they don't shift around as much for scars you already have on walls.

The formal dining room boasts crown moulding and a chair rail along the walls upstairs there are 3 bedrooms and a the, add those vivid colors kids love in other ways with wall art a painted dresser and toy box contrasting color on a. Beadboard: you've seen it on walls of course capped with a matching chair rail you've seen it on pitched ceilings the mix of old and new is echoed in their paint choices too: the beadboard, smaller kitchen spaces tend to look choppy when a chair rail divides two colors such as blue and yellow on the same wall create a more spacious cohesive look by painting the walls including.

Paint the chair rail and everything below it with trim paint and perhaps a color on the walls above and you've just added a classic detail with a project that could be tackled in a weekend before i, add architectural interest with crown molding and chair rail around the perimeter of the room anchor the room by painting walls below the chair rail benjamin moore whitall brown in an eggshell finish.

However when tile is not an option there is still an opportunity to enhance your flooring by painting trellis walls, bamboo too can be used to create wall panels and chair rail details steven johnson framing that will add a special detail to beach theme art wooden bamboo can be painted any color including. So we've got a dip in the wall at a chair rail and after this is painted it would be very obvious and very unsightly it's not terribly noticeable when the walls and trim are in white primer but it