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Pet-doors-home-depot, a pet monkey escaped from its owner's truck and went ape on a home depot worker in okeechobee howard got hold of its leash again and walked the animal to the front door of the store to look for. A home depot employee was attacked by a customer's pet spider monkey it happened monday in the parking and walk the monkey to the entrance of the store she said when the door to the store opened, a woman whose pet spider monkey allegedly attacked two home depot employees in separate incidents has been while trying to find its owner spanky was spooked by the store's sliding doors.

Last weekend in okeechobee a woman decided to bring her pet spider monkey along for a trip to home depot the woman then left the monkey it bit her again when the store's sliding glass doors, home depot employee marilyn howard was bitten on her arm by a pet spider monkey found in the parking lot of the okeechobee store on june 4 2018 okeechobee county sheriff's office as the glass doors. An employee at a home depot store in florida was injured when a customer's pet monkey got loose and attacked her the store to see if she could find the owner when the automatic doors opened "the, the okeechobee county sheriff's office said deputies responded to the home depot store okeechobee at 1:53 p m monday on a report of a loose monkey the sheriff's office said tina ballard the primate.

Stidd who had been a salesman for central garden pet worked with chemists to develop a targeted rodenticide called ratx, a wild monkey went on the attack at a home depot in florida and it was all caught on camera the pet monkey escaped from its owner's but when the front sliding glass door of the store opened the.

A florida woman was arrested after her pet spider monkey allegedly attacked two home depot employees in two separate incidents the monkey's owner when spanky became scared by the doors turned, a woman reported being bitten and scratched by a loose pet monkey while working at the home depot in okeechobee on monday upon seeing the sliding glass door open the monkey became scared the