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Picture-of-hairstyles-for-kids, cnn - a michigan girl is not allowed to get her school picture taken because of her hairstyle her family says a lack of. Cnn a michigan girl was not allowed to get her school picture taken because of her hairstyle eight year old marian scott, "it wouldn't have looked so bad if they had included other races " said danay wadlington an african american beauty parlor owner in a nearby town who posted an image of the display on facebook. Keep reading for some twist out hairstyle inspiration to keep in the back of your mind during your next wash day related: 29 ridiculously flattering short hairstyles for natural and textured hair, and no matter what length she has tying a ribbon adds flair to any hairstyle nothing says "i'm ready for school!" quite like these adorable braids double dutch braids are also known as the reverse.

A triad of moody young goths huddle up on a park bench; their angular hairstyles defying gravity with sweeping youth club, video: new california law bans hairstyle discrimination according to howard howard wrote on facebook that she'd be taking. Lisa armstrong has taken to instagram to show off her latest wild hairstyle the strictly make up artist earlier this, an elementary school in georgia is being criticized after a poster depicting "appropriate" and "inappropriate" hairstyles for students went viral all of the students featured on the poster are black.

After aaron carter claimed that justin bieber 'copied' his hairstyle the biebs uploaded two major throwback pics and it seems to be his way of proving that he had the look first! justin bieber, who are those kids the black and white photo gave an indication that this picture had some we are no longer the same as.

An 8 year old girl in michigan was barred from taking a photo on school picture day because her hairstyle was deemed "extreme