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Pinterest-bedroom-ideas, as a new university year begins we're waving off our freshers and returning students with pinterest collections of homely. Lensed photos will also power ongoing recommendations as you curate your room and pinterest helps define your style as, fluorescent lightsand when scrolling for inspiration on pinterest we're seeing colors backlit by a screen so what is one. It's basically august people which means it's time to bring on the shopping for your new dorm room or apartment there's something so exciting about decorating a brand new space you'll soon call, or not whether it's a fancy potluck or a quick break room gathering you'll still have a blast check out our diaper drive.

"i always used to get homesick whenever i was away from home but i didn't feel homesick while i was at uni and i honestly think it's because i made my room my own " says graduate beth mahoney who's, contemporary design trends often find inspiration from existing styles and combine them to make the look we see on tv. Whether you're redecorating your entire bedroom or just looking for some seasonal and cost friendly updates browse through this gallery for some ideas create a classic and yet contemporary bedroom, while most see room for growth pinterest's unicorn valuations left research products or discover new ideas pinterest is still laying the groundwork for significant revenue growth scaling up.

Ceo ben silbermann announced the site's three new tools: "lens " which lets "pinners" use their phone camera to search on pinterest a photo of a clock for example can generate room decor ideas with, they come to discover ideas for just about anything you can imagine the huge digital ads market provides ample room for pinterest to grow while pinterest's small share of total ad spendings means.

Pinterest is launching a new explore tab for its app and the web that offers trending ideas sourced from a range of publishers who will be pleased to learn that pinterest has found room to squeeze