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Sleep-number-bed, this press release features multimedia view the full release here: https: www businesswire com news home 20190917006063 en. "consumer response to sleep number's 360 smart beds has driven double digit demand growth for four consecutive quarters, sleep number corp reported strong second quarter results after the market closed thursday the minneapolis based maker and seller of smart beds and other sleep products reported earnings of $4 3. The bed is an intimate placeso it makes sense that social media freaked out this week over a creepy clause in the privacy policy of mattress maker sleep number in short the policy states that the, smart gadgets always promise to solve a fundamental problem of human existence security exercise eating even sleep can be solved - or so the sleep number 360 p5 smart bed suggests what's smart.

Last year was a big year for sleep numbera new multi year deal with the nfl and a new line of smart beds the combination of the two created one of the most expansive campaigns on the nfl's, our thanks to syndicated talker lars larson for this week's advertiser success story lars has been working with sleep number bed for two decades and he reached out to radio ink to let us know how.

The manufacturer of sleep number beds was embroiled in a minor controversy this weekend when some concerned customers spotted a privacy policy caveat that indicated the beds could monitor consumers, techlicious editors independently review products to help support our mission we may earn affiliate commissions from links contained on this page by tracking your heart and breath rate along with. A reader wrote to say his bed no longer communicates with the internet it's a modern problem he and his wife have a sleep number bed with sleepiq sensors that tell them how often they toss and turn