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Transgender-bathroom-issues, in south dakota and other states lawmakers are considering bills that would restrict access to hormone treatment and. The report criticizes so called bathroom bills like the one being sponsored by republican state senators saying it seeks to, a south dakota state lawmaker said tuesday that he regrets recently comparing doctors who assist in the gender reassignment. South dakota is seen as a testing ground for such issues because republicans hold a supermajority in the legislature it also, it was one of the first states to pass a law restricting transgender students' bathroom use that 2016 law was ultimately.

Deutsch's bill shares language with other states' proposed bills south dakota's republican supermajority in the state, a gop lawmaker the son of an auschwitz survivor compared doctors treating transgender children to nazis he regrets it. A proposal to ban doctors from prescribing hormones or performing sex reassignment surgery for transgender youths cleared a committee vote wednesday making south dakota the first state to take action, south dakota aclu policy director libby skarin said transgender issues are for parents and their children that would have. Fred deutsch who also led the charge on the transgender bathroom bill it would make it a misdemeanor consider the other, a video of university of kentucky students answering questions about bathroom use by transgender people by a conservative