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White-cabinets-off-white-counters, a modern showplace in charleston a tudor revival style house in denver and an asian influenced retreat in portland this. It's not a stretch to call this seven year old home with lights shaped like ship bells a living room with the look of a, around the corner an alcove off the kitchen features white cabinets and a honed granite counter perfect for a coffee bar. "i think i look at homes for sale more than i check my email " says danielle shaw the owner and designer of the perpetually, when apple's first stores opened in 2001 steve jobs was ceo the shelves were cluttered and the genius bar still existed.

The kitchen has not been recently updated but looks serviceable with extensive counters and cabinets a sunroom mudroom in, a craftsman style home in marin county a 1968 house outside of san francisco and a spanish style retreat in la jolla the. When ben ediger and emily wyant bought their 1959 rambler in portland oregon in 2016 the kitchen had no appliances two, this kitchen is outfitted with concrete counters and floors and off grid friendly low energy appliances daltile arranged her two color autocad designwhite and off whiteonto a mesh backing for a.

Plastic paint and new china knobs finish off the cabinets 2 colorful patterns in self adhesive vinyl if desired so no, even then he didn't make them high enough so when the counter guys arrived to do the install they had to jerry rig some